Application for Curriculum Honors

    Do you enjoy an intellectual challenge?

    If so, you are the sort of student who would enjoy participating in Curriculum Honors!

    The Honors Program has two main missions. The first is to encourage students to do an independent project where they work one on one with a faculty member before they graduate. We feel this is a great way to bridge the experience you have in the classroom with what you will end up doing in your career or if you go on to a graduate program. 

    The second goal of the Honors Program is to develop a sense of community among the students in the program. About once a month during the academic year, a cultural event is organized for students in the program. Most of these events involve going to plays, musical performances, etc. in the local area. These events are at no cost to the student. 

    If you are interested in becoming a part of the Curriculum Honors community at Marietta College, fill out the following information to apply to the program.

    Note: Applications must be received by May 1

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